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GRP (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a device that transmits and receives electromagnetic energy in the ground to locate objects or anomalies. The energy in this device is transmitted with wavelengths similar to radio waves...



Our certified technical staff are award winning with our customers. Your project is our highest priority! The reason we are award winning is ...



Coring, cutting, and drilling concrete require knowledge of what is inside the concrete. DeepScan Inc will scan your 25, 50, 200, 3000 spots to investigate the location of hidden objects. We will ensure that you won't hit a utility line, reinforcing bar, post tension cable...



We map underground tunnels from inside and outside when available, so that we ensure accurate information. Underground Mapping Service will provide you a map of the subsurface to find what you are looking for...

"  DEEPSCAN INC. has been providing GPR services for the last 10 years. Our level of service is unprecedented in our industry; DeepScan, Inc. is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure we meet all our clients’ needs.

DeepScan Inc. is a sister company of DP Inspection Inc. which provides special deputy inspection services; owned and operated by David Pena for the past 26 years. "





Concrete scanning is a tecnique used by our professional technicians to pinpoint underground targets. Scanning is achieved by using ground penetrating radar (GPR).


GPR equipment is used by either rolling or sliding over the area depending on the size and depth of the project area. Concrete scanning allows the technician to move the GPR equipment in different directions on the surface.


A technician will scan concrete to mark locations of underground targets or to provide a complete underground map.


When there is a need to survey and provide accurate measurements of underground objects like utilities that might interfere with your project, you need DeepScan Inc. Unlike city and utility services that only provide utility location in public property, DeepScan Inc provides mapping service on your private property.


The underground map provided by the underground mapping service is used to evaluate the next process in the construction phase. Our reliable team is available usually within 24 hours. Our team will arrive at the job site location with several tools that can penetrate the surface with a non-destructive method.



GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a technology that utilizes sonar waves to locate targets such as rebar and conduit within concrete and even existing utilities below grade. Emissions from these machines are far below the level specified by OSHA regulations. Unlike its predecessor radiography, better known as x-ray which utilizes radiation, GPR does not have any safety hazards associated with its use.

DeepScan, Inc. specializes in GPR. We are not a combination company that started out providing x-ray and added GPR to our list of services. We provide exceptional service to our clients and in order to do so we need to be experts in our field and that field is GPR.

GPR transmits sonar waves into the surface as the antenna is rolled over the desired scan area. As the sonar waves reach a target within the concrete or grade, the sonar wave is bounced back to the antenna, creating an image on the machine for our technicians to interpret. 


GPR is used in both new construction and tenant improvement projects to locate reinforcing bars, electrical conduits, post tension cables, voids and existing below grade utilities.


Architects and engineers are increasingly becoming more concerned with protecting the structural integrity of building. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a scanning requirement written directly on the plans requiring the contractor to scan and locate reinforcement prior to any slab or wall penetrations.


There are numerous machines on the market boasting the ability to allow the operator to locate these targets. While the cheaper versions are tempting, they are much less reliable than the machines utilized by DeepScan, Inc.


GSSI was the first to introduce a commercial ground penetrating radar system and has been in the field for the past 40 years. While the type of machine is a factor, the training of the radar technician who interprets its readings is what separates DeepScan, Inc. from our competitors.


DeepScan Inc. has been certified to operate GSSI machines. We have an in-house training operation for our new radar technicians. They work with a lead radar technician for a minimum of one (1) year prior to scanning independently with their own machine.


Various antennas are used for different signal strengths. Each antenna type has a specific function. The main difference between the antennas are to penetrate different depths. All antennas are not created equal. The quality of antennas is the most important. The price of a hardware store antenna is a few thousand, while a professional antenna is over $10,000. The hardware store antenna will have a difficult time finding targets.

Targets represent the objects underground. These targets are perfect, and they are easy to read. Most targets are not this easy to read, and takes a certified technician to interpret targets.


A qualified technician will have had a 6 month to 1 year apprenticeship and certification from GSSI. The study of geophysics is required to become an advanced user in GPR.


Why you should use GPR over X-Ray. Learn more!

Above is a picture of a jobsite where the contractor did not elect to use GPR scanning prior to cutting an opening for a bathroom entrance on the 9th floor of a 19 story building and. Twenty (20) # 12 reinforcing bars running the height of the building were cut to accommodate the opening. The structural damage and the thousands of dollars for the repairs could have all been avoided if DeepScan was called to scan and locate a more suitable area for the opening. 

Proposed drill mark directly over two post tension cables

Existing utilities prior to trenching

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DeepScan Inc. Sub-Surface Scanning Service

We will find objects or voids inside your ground, wall, roof, or other surface


X-Ray VS Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

X-ray service for concrete scanning. Is this the right service for your project? Learn what the difference between x-ray and gpr is.


Virtual Underground

A virtual underground can be seen with GPR. When DeepScan Inc. scans the ground with GPR, the underground will be presented with a virtual underground 3D.


DeepScan Inc Projects

Projects completed by DeepScan Inc. DeepScan does work with government, building managers, engineering firms, construction companies, and many others.

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