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Is X-Ray or GPR right for your job?


Problems with x-ray:

1) HEALTH: Both x-ray and GRP (ground penetrating radar) devices use electromagnetic energy and are within the electromagnetic spectrum. The main difference between them is the length of wavelength transmitted by the device. x-ray has a wavelength that is damaging to human tissue, where as GPR has a wavelength the same as a radio, which is harmless to human tissue.


2) COST: The cost of using x-ray for a job that can be accomplished with GPR has no comparison. x-ray is often 10 times the cost of GPR. The other problems with x-ray are a major factor in the excessive cost.


3) SCHEDULING: X-ray can only be done when people are not around, which is at night. At first this may sound like a feasible option, but a project foreman must be onsite while conducting the x-ray to ensure locating. If you send an x-ray technician to a jobsite with no foreman you risk additional excessive costs. For example, the complexity of x-ray setup, area coverage per scan, and mostly cost per scan. What happens when the scanned area has an object in the way? If you are coring you will have to scan again another spot to relocate your hole. If you don't have someone with decision making power onsite, you will have re-setup costs, not to mention re-scanning costs. GPR on the other hand is based on technician hours. You can scan during the day with no overtime costs, and keep scanning until you find what your looking for.


4) ACCESSIBLITY: X-ray can only be performed if you have access to the back side of what you are scanning. For example, if you are scanning concrete on dirt, you would not have access behind the concrete. Additionally, the x-ray device is bigger then



When to use x-ray?


Mostly never! Learn More: Contact DeepScan Inc now for a free consultation.

Importan Reasons why


is the Answer for You!

Are you bothered by having to do radioraphy work in off-hours and having to evacuate people from areas being inspected?

Ground Penetrating Radar ( GPR) technology allows inpection of concrete structures to be carried out quickly and safely without interruption of day-today operations or inconvenience to the public.

Are you seeking a better alternative to expensive radiography?

Radar can do the work and give you the answers you need at 1/4 the cost of radiography. GPR saves time and money, and has no safety hazards associated with its use.

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