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When there is a need to survey and provide accurate measurements of underground objects like utilities that might interfere with your project, you need DeepScan Inc. Unlike city and utility services that only provide utility location in public property, DeepScan Inc provides mapping service on your private property.

The underground map provided by the underground mapping service is used to evaluate the next process in the construction phase. Our reliable team is available usually within 24 hours. Our team will arrive at the job site location with several tools that can penetrate the surface with a non-destructive method.















Underground maps using ground-penetrating-radar (GRP) equipment will provide exact locations of underground objects that might interfere with your construction. The most popular are the following:

1. Utility lines

  • Electrical

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Optics


2. Metal

  • Steel reinforcing rod (re-bar)

  • Post tension cableBeams

  • Bolts


3. Soil changes

  • Soil density changes

  • Voids


4. Large Objects

  • Tanks

  • Other objects

To understand more about ground-penetrating-radar (GPR) visit the following link what-is-gpr. For exploring the capabilities of GPR, you can visit GPR-technology.

In addition to the gpr technology we utilize other radio, and induction equip that supplements the gpr. This equipment makes for a more thorough investigation. Learn about our other services here.


                                                What is inside that concrete?


                                  DO NOT DRILL until you know what is inside!


                                      See the image below for what happens.

When you want to core, cut, or drill concrete it is important to investigate what is inside the concrete. This image below shows what happens when you cut the concrete without first looking inside of it. Many times As-Built blueprints are incorrect which will lead to additional expenses much greater then the cost to investigate the insides of the concrete.

This is a very expensive mistake!

Always investigate what is inside your concrete before you cut,core, or drill!

SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by using DeepScan SERVICES to see what is inside your concrete before you cut, core, or drill the concrete.

Should you use x-ray? Learn more

Coring services
With 3D Ground Penentrating Radar

With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) a virtual underground representation can be generated to see exactly what is inside your underground, wall, or ceiling. A concrete thickness can be seen! DeepScan Inc generates the virtual underground images from the GPR device, data analysis, and field investigation.

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