Radar scanning with ground penetrating radar is used for 100% of all concrete inspection jobs at DeepScan, Inc. Radar scanning or GPR scanning is the same thing when it comes to scanning for objects within the ground, wall, roof, or ceiling.

GPR survey or Ground Penetrating Radar survey, is a complete package of methods a radar technician uses to inspect a concrete slab for objects or obstructions. A radar technician uses many tools and including investigative tools to perform a GPR survey. One method in the survey would be the radar scanning. This survey is a comprehensive information package that provides a customer with details about the location in question. A GPR survey may come with a underground mapping or 3d image of a drilling site.


Radar scanning generally could be considered a quick method included in a comprehensive GPR service, and not usually stand alone. To learn more about GPR services click here.




Concrete scanning is a tecnique used by our professional technicians to pinpoint underground targets. Scanning is achieved by using ground penetrating radar (GPR).


GPR equipment is used by either rolling or sliding over the area depending on the size and depth of the project area.


Concrete scanning allows the technician to move the GPR equipment in different directions on the surface.

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A technician will scan concrete to mark locations of underground targets or to provide a complete underground map (see below).


Plastic pipe locating or conduit locating is another service that DeepScan Inc provides to customers. Typically plastic pipe locating is done using our complete survey investigation system. We utilize technology such asGround Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate conduit. Most companies struggle with locating plastic pipe underground but this is one of our specialties. Schedule a site visit now. Many companies that utilize GPR and X-Ray will upsell to X-Ray because they cannot find your conduit with GPR. We have a complete survey investigation system that allows us to utilize GPR to locate plastic pipe. We don't carry X-Ray because we can find conduit with GPR. See the difference why it's better for you at X-Ray VS. GPR.

Plastic pipe is typically made of plastic material with no conductance(Learn more). If no metal conductive material is with the plastic pipe, it makes for a very difficult task to find, but when using a professional survey and investigative service to locate the conduit or plastic pipe, that has specialized training in the field of GPR, you will find what you need, and within budget.


Reinforced bar (re-bar) can easily be located in concrete by a professional. A professional will utilizing ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate re-bar and other objects in a concrete slab. The concrete slab may be the ground, ceiling, or wall. Locating re-bar in the slab will become more difficult as the material composition of the concrete changes as well as moisture content. A professional GPR technician trained with analysis skills, will be able to locate the re-bar in difficult situations.


Locating re-bar with GPR will be important when construction work will be done on the concrete slab. Cutting or breaking the re-bar may destroy the integrity of the building like the left image.


GPR is the most advanced tool to detect voids. Learn more about GPR


DeepScan Inc crew use ground penetrating radar with a specific antenna for the job requirement. With GPR we can locate obstructions and voids. See what else we can find with GPR. When detecting voids with GPR our technician scans a large section of the area involved. If needed we will do additional investigation to determine details about the area or void. Our equipment will allow us to see the thickness of a concrete or asphalt deck and beyond, well into the dirt.


While looking for voids, our technician will also be able to determine if other objects or obstructions effect the job area.


Post tension cables can be dangerous or deadly when it comes to coring a hole in the concrete. P.T. cables can not only injure workers but can cause much damage to structure itself. Repairs can cost anywhere from $ 10000 from $ 30000 depends on severity of damage. Deepscan Inc. prides and care to locate P.T cables and explains the foremans in charge where they definately should not core. Most of scanning companies claim those cannot be found with GPR. However, we are specialized in locating post tension cables along the other services we provide. 70% of the concrete scanning services we have been providing past 10 years involve locating post tension cables. Our professional radar technicians provide excellence scanning services and approach it with delicate manner.